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With years of experience and research, Quadrangle has developed an efficient, effective file and prepress workflow that's designed for both Accuracy and speed. Bearing the following guidelines in mind while setting up and submitting your files will ensure that we can get you quality proofs as quickly as possible, so that your deadlines can continue to be our priority.

PDF Files - PDF is quickly becoming the industry standard for printing workflows, and is our preferred format. Most graphic software now has an option to save or export a layout as a PDF. When saving your PDF document, be sure to use settings that don't compress or downsample any of the images, and that include all fonts used. The Press Quality option in many softwares works well.

Image Files - If submitting native files for a job, the files for all images used in the job must also be included, preferably in a separate folder. This ensures that we have access to the high-res data for your images. Although images can often be imbedded, this isn't the preferred method, as it limits the ways we can process your job. v3.0

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