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Fonts - If submitting native files for a job, copies of all fonts that were used in the job must also be included. If using Adobe Type 1 fonts, you must make sure that BOTH screen and printer fonts used are included. Don't omit common fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times. While we have these common fonts here, our versions may flow differently from the version that was originally used, making the output unpredictable.

Colorspace - All images used in any submitted files should be in CMYK color. Most scanners and digital cameras use RGB color to produce their images, but Process Offset pieces are printed in CMYK color. As a result, at some point in the process any RGB image must be converted to CMYK in order to print it. Since RGB color can reproduce a much wider gamut of colors than CMYK can, a shift in color will always occur in the conversion from RGB to CMYK. When the CMYK conversion is done in the design process, these color shifts can be minimized and accounted for. Quadrangle's RIP software will automatically convert to CMYK color, but the result will not always be to the liking of the client. Converting your images to CMYK before submission lets you keep control of the color of your piece. v3.0

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