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How long will it take to produce my Job? - Lead times for jobs vary greatly, as they depend on facets of the job itself such as complexity, quantity, type of piece, ink colors chosen, ink coverage, stock chosen, and countless others. Adding to these is the fact that at busy times in the shop, press times and other resources must be allocated carefully. For these reasons, we don't list a "flat" lead time, but rather encourage you to speak to a sales representative who can weigh all these factors and quote you a realistic, accurate lead time. Our goal is to make your deadline our top priority. If we can't provide you a product in the timeframe you need, we'd rather suggest a less busy print provider than to promise something we can't deliver on. One big thing that a client can do to ensure that deadlines are met is to return proofs in a timely manner. No job will be placed into press production without a signed proof, so returning proofs as soon as possible will give you the best possible position for timely delivery of your job.

How much do you charge for design work? - Quadrangle Press is committed to bringing our clients the highest quality printing services that we can, and we do this by concentrating exclusively on the printing process. For this reason, then, we don't offer in-house design. We can sometimes make minor copy changes or other corrections to client files, but the client will be responsible for providing original designs and for major corrections or revisions. If you need design work done, please contact one of our sales representatives, who will be happy to refer you to one of the many outstanding designers that we're professionally networked with. v3.0

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