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May I come see your facilities? - Please do! While we stay busy with our production schedules, we're always happy to see a new face. Feel free to drop by or contact your sales representative for a walk-through.

Why doesn't my proof look my Monitor/Printout? - The proofing systems that we use at Quadrangle Press are designed and profiled specifically to mirror our process color presses in color gamut and response. As such, they're limited to a basic SWOP CMYK gamut. Many small printers (even inexpensive ones) and all monitors can actually produce a wider range of colors than process offset printing can produce. For that reason, we only use proofs generated by our system for color matching purposes. Although we can get a good-looking piece in most cases, we guarantee only that we'll be able to match the color proof that we provide you, and not another printout or monitor image.

Why do the PMS colors on my color proof look off? - All our color proofs are produced on a Eight-Color print engine that uses process color inks, and variants thereof. No process color system is able to accurately reproduce PMS or other spot inks in all cases. Fortunately, this mismatch in the color proof won't affect the final piece. Regardless of appearance on a color proof, all PMS inks are printed as a single discrete color, and will print just as they look in a PMS book (depending on the paper coloration). Your sales representative will be happy to show you how a particular color will look, based on a PMS swatch book. v3.0

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