Accepted File Types

In addition to our preferred workflow of accepting Press-Ready PDF files, We can accept files from any of these applications:

Adobe Indesign (All versions through CS6, Mac)
Adobe Illustrator (All versions through CS5, Mac)
Adobe Photoshop (All versions through CS5, Mac)
Quark Express (Versions 4-7, Mac)
Macromedia Freehand MX (All versions through 11, Mac only)
Adobe PDF (Any version, Mac or PC)

We no longer accept or support Adobe Pagemaker files, as Adobe dropped support for this application years ago. We can also no longer accept any artwork in any non-digital format, including Camera Ready Flats or Film.

Note Regarding Microsoft Products - Although Microsoft has marketed products such as Publisher for print production, we are not able to provide output from any native Microsoft application, including Publisher, Word, Excel, Frontpage, PowerPoint, or any others. Sometimes it's possible to produce usable PDF files from these applications, but the results of printing these can be unpredictable. Any client choosing to submit PDF files made from Microsoft products must do so knowing that the output will almost certainly vary from their screen, and that they will be responsible for any additional proofs and processing time arising from use of these files. v3.0

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